Are you an Investor

There is no question that property is a good investment for your future. Indeed, if you ask anyone with Buy-to-Let properties, the vast majority will tell you that they bought their property or properties to provide capital growth which will provide an income that they can enjoy in their retirement.

With property prices having doubled every 10 years for the last 40 years, these people are sure to indeed enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Did you know that you can also invest in property in a way that not only provides you with an income in your retirement, but that also gives you an income now?

How? – Well let’s look at a typical standard Buy-to-Let investment first:

You might buy a house for £200,000.00 and rent it out for £10,000.00 a year. However, by the time you have paid maintenance costs, mortgage interest, and management / finders’ fees, you are left with very little. So the benefit is purely down to the fact that the property’s value will increase over time.

How does a BillsAllIncluded property differ?

Very simply, we achieve significantly more rent by letting each room out individually on separate tenancy agreements, rather than the whole property on one tenancy agreement. This means that significantly more rent can be achieved by adding further bedrooms in a cost effective manner – for example converting a garage or a dining room.

On average, a BillsAllIncluded house will achieve between 2-3 times’ more  rent than if it were let as a single unit.

At BillsAllincluded, we are able to source, convert, and manage these properties for you – providing you with a healthy pension pot AND a monthly income – from day one.

Have you ever looked at the Sunday Times Rich list? Have you noticed how often the words “other Investments include property” arise under individual entries.